Codeigniter video tutorials and screencasts

About us

Here at Accent Interactive, we specialise in tailor made web solutions. We have been using Codeigniter since version 1.5.3 and we just love it! It is lightweight, fast and it doesn't get in the way of the thing we like to do best: produce  software at lightning speed.

Accent Interactive is a web agency based in The Netherlands. We guide our clients throughout the entire online communication process - starting from concept development, through web development and up to online marketing.

Accent Interactive has been developing web software since 2005. Founder Joost van Veen started PHP development as early as the mid-1990's - that's right, in the golden age of spaghetti programming. Nowadays we develop web solutions for clients such as national broadcasters, major non-profit organisations and business.

We also use Zend Framework, for more large scale enterprise solutions. Which is why you will find some videos on integrating Zend Framework classes like Zend_Cache into Codeigniter projects.